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Not dined with us before?

Pressed your nose against our windows but never stepped inside a YO! Sushi before? Do not fear YO! Virgins, we're not as scary as you may think!

new to yoIt’s an easy peasy concept, pop in, take a seat, keep an eye on our moving conveyor belt to pick and choose the coloured coded plates you fancy (you can also order hot or cold dishes directly from our servers or chefs), with all empties simply counted for the bill at the end of your meal.
Did you know we dish up more than just raw fish and cold rice? This means you can tickle your taste buds with traditional sushi classics like sashimi, rolls, maki and nigiri, but also delicious hot classics (such as Chicken Katsu Curry, Salmon Firecracker Rice and Vegetable Yakisoba), salads, hand rolls and tempura. Desserts are also readily available if you fancy something sweet. You can tuck into over 90 dishes in our restaurants with our menu catering for all types of eaters, whether you love meat, fish or vegetables!

Our conveyor belts rotate with delicious offerings allow you to instantly start chomping, whilst the colour code dish pricing system enables you to control how much or little you eat. This combined with water on tap, miso soup and green tea upon request and soy sauce, wasabi and ginger in front of you when you sit down, there’s no faster way to enjoy nutritious delicious Japanese inspired food instantly. Perfect if you’re dashing for the train or plane, need a quick bite before a movie, as well as securing that pit stop whilst shopping. And if you’re popping in for a longer leisurely meal, you can eat happy too.
YO! Virgins can check out our simple How to YO! for their first visit, and find out more about our popular YO! Love Club. Once you have the YO! how,  you can transform yourself into a YO! Lover quicker than we can shout ‘Konnichiwa’.