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Food Facts

YO! Sushi's food is based on traditional Japanese recipes, featuring sashimi, maki, hand rolls, gunkans, tempura, teriyaki, rice/noodle dishes, salads and desserts.

We like to make sure all the food we serve is the best and as fresh as possible therefore:

  • We serve fresh premium salmon. Our salmon are happy, with a 2% to 98% ratio of salmon to seawater.
  • Our yellowfin tuna is either pole & line caught in the Indian Ocean or deep-set long lined in the South Pacific Ocean. Both sources have been super frozen to -60°C to ensure optimum quality and freshness.
  • Our prawns are all Good Aquaculture Practice (G.A.P) approved and farmed in Thailand.
  • Our first choice for fruit and vegetables is always from local suppliers within the UK, ensuring the best quality and freshness for our customers. Due to seasonal constraints however, at certain times of the year some ingredients are sourced from within Europe.
  • We only use fresh British, barn-reared chicken which is Red Tractor and Farm Assured. Our chicken is bred in the South East of England to high welfare standards, with sufficient space to move around freely, adequate shelter and clean, comfortable bedding.
  • Our beef is all British reared, Red Tractor and Farm Assured.   
  • Our sushi rice is a premium Japanese grain, grown in Italy.
  • We import our specialist Japanese ingredients, things like Yamasa Soy, green tea and wasabi directly from Japan by sea. We import by sea rather than air to ensure the least amount of impact on our environment.  

Did you know…

  • All our fish & seafood, meat & poultry and fruit & vegetables are supplied 6 days a week to all our restaurants.
  • Our chefs prepare freshly made sushi and hot dishes throughout the day, placing food on the conveyor belt to ensure there is a variety of options for our customers.
  • YO! Sushi has a daily repertoire of over 90 dishes; 40% of these are served hot and 25% are vegetarian.
  • The FSA (Food Standards Agency) recommends eating oily fish, like salmon at least once a week because it is high in Omega 3, which helps to sustain a healthy balanced diet.
  • Tuna is high in protein and low in fat.
  • YO! Sushi has never sold, and will never serve, bluefin tuna. We are extremely conscious of the sustainability of all the dishes we serve.
  • Nori (seaweed) is high in fibre, vitamins, protein and minerals such as calcium and iron. It is traditionally eaten to strengthen the circulatory system and help lower cholesterol.
  • We offer gluten free soy in all of our restaurants along with a low sodium soy option. Our chefs are more than happy to accommodate any dietary requests were possible. For more detailed dietary information on each of our dishes please see our Real Time Nutritional Information here! 
  • We regularly visit our suppliers around the world so we can continually monitor their quality and standards.
  • Our menu does not contain any trans-fat and we do not add monosodium glutamate (MSG) to any of our dishes.
  • YO! Sushi restaurants serve over 4 million customers each year.