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Franchising Opportunities

Before you read on, we do not offer franchises in the UK. Just incase that was your reason for checking us out. The rest of the world is your oyster (or sushi!)

Simply click the USA flag for more detail on how you could join the YO! Sushi family in the USA or if you fancy opening a YO! Sushi anywhere else in the world (excl the UK) just click the Globe.

One last thing, the three most important questions you must ask yourself before clicking are:-

  1. Can the territory sustain more than 5 YO! Sushi’s within a regional geographical area
  2. Do you have restaurant experience, love the food business and are prepared to put your heart and soul into the project?
  3. Do you have access to significant capital to invest in the project?

So, where in the world would you like to open a YO! Sushi?

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Introduction to YO! Sushi

Getting to know YO!

If you want a flavour of what YO! Sushi is all about, then pour yourself a green tea, sit back, relax and step into our shoes to see what fun you could have running your very own YO! Sushi.