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International Franchising Opportunities

If you are interested in International Franchising, this is your opportunity to partner with one of the UK’s most innovative and scalable restaurant brands.

YO! Sushi does not franchise in the UK.

Territories already sold and not available: Egypt, Ireland, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Minimum franchising criteria:

  • 3 years experience in casual dining (or fast casual) as owner/operator, with access to financing and own money to invest
  • Min 10 sites per territory - An infrastructure dedicated to the development of the brand
  • Full day to day involvement with company operations
  • Minimum sales £1m per unit (country economics will be considered)
  • Access to adequate capital, possible losses sustainable for a 2-3 year period while continuing to develop additional units
  • Cultural 'fit' with YO! Sushi
  • Proven operational capabilities (references), local knowledge and expertise in the areas of consumer preferences, real estate, government regulations, labour, and supply chain distribution issues

If you are interested in a territory not listed above and your organisation meets the above criteria, please email Werner Coetzee Franchising Operations Manager Please attach an overview of your company and a personal resume of your experience.