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New Specials

by Team YO! Sushi in News on 08/07/2014 at 12:35

Spoil yourself with our three NEW yellow plates!

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  • First entries to our #SuperMegaSketch comp are in! Not entered yet? Send yours for a chance to win £100 gift card! http://t.co/LSKmuHfdZk about 16 hours ago
  • @PhilWattsDesign Looking beautiful Phil, can't wait to see them up! about 18 hours ago
  • @willjoconnor Hey Will we're sorry about this. Please email us the details to twitter@yosushi.com and we'll look into it. about 18 hours ago
  • @MaxineMcGrath Especially now that they are Super Mega... #SuperMegaBowls http://t.co/cLvIBPDIyE about 18 hours ago
  • Don't fancy a bacon sarnie? Yup, there's always Bacon Sushi folks. #amazing http://t.co/n3GlY8C5IL about 22 hours ago
  • @rofinch We sure do - it's best to ring 0207 841 0700 and we can sort these out for you :) Our restaurants just sell Gift Cards. about 22 hours ago
  • @Jawrdan @SamowB And that's why we love you Jordi. about 22 hours ago
  • @iwan_j_berry Iwan we've always known you were ahead of the times. about 22 hours ago
  • @ZebraGeekGirl Hey there, drop us an email to twitter@yosushi.com and we can forward all the info to you :) about a day ago
  • @gknic @traffordcentre It sure is - available in London, Manchester and Birmingham Selfridges! about a day ago
  • Hands up who dons the Chopstick Walrus when you munch on your YO! Sushi? #YOChopstickFace http://t.co/SK0L7CkTIM about 2 days ago
  • @toysaturn Thanks :) We'll pass it on to the team in Victoria! about 2 days ago
  • Pop to Selfridges for our new, exclusive £15 dishes, plus try our gold leaf sake for £5! http://t.co/uYtJWVLG3H http://t.co/Oep3pQiCHW about 2 days ago
  • @LJpinny We're not lying when we call them 'Super Mega'... about 2 days ago
  • RT @LJpinny: The super mega bowls at Yo! Sushi are huge seriously didn't expect them to be this big but so good! about 2 days ago
  • @danny_pan66 @lemfilms Looks like we have a #YOVirgin on our hands... about 2 days ago
  • @lilliesandlove @toysaturn Hey Penny, we have a full Nutritional Guide if you need any more help :) http://t.co/UUugFRKeLu about 2 days ago
  • @Bdownie We know how to treat a girl ;) about 2 days ago
  • @eilidhanne_x @lindsayhallford @RosemaryLock Have you checked out our brand new restaurant in the Braehaed Centre? http://t.co/54MpGijq7v about 2 days ago
  • There's something rather fishy about these phone boxes in Japan. #LoveJapan http://t.co/ht8EkmxoHc about 2 days ago

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