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New YO! Family Siblings Update

by Team YO! Sushi in Parties on 15/10/2009

Lots of you lovely people write in to us with suggestions about where to open more YO! Sushi restaurants, so we thought we'd give you an update on our latest openings . . .

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  • @ryanwarner9 @G_warner Errr... no words. about 34 minutes ago
  • @gypsieblonde Sorry to hear this, please drop us an email with the details to twitter@yosushi.com and we'll look into it. about 39 minutes ago
  • @JoEmilyy Oh no, sorry to hear you're feeling unwell! Have you not got a sushi angel to pick you some up? about 40 minutes ago
  • @ryanwarner9 @G_warner Oh dear looks like someone needs some cooking lessons... about 40 minutes ago
  • @Arkgirl77 That doesn't sound great, sorry. Pls drop us an email to twitter@yosushi.com and we'll look into it. about 51 minutes ago
  • @LexicalLou @reiki_ruth Thanks for your lovely words girls, we have passed these on to our great team in Leeds! about 52 minutes ago
  • @Emma_Emma_B That's our girl ;) about 53 minutes ago
  • @NishaPatel101 Hi there sorry to hear this. Please drop us an email to twitter@yosushi.com with the details and we'll look into it. about 53 minutes ago
  • @P_M_G_K Don't worry, you'll love it! Also chat to one of our lovely Team Members for any help :) about 54 minutes ago
  • @DavidsonRia Thanks for the suggestion Ria we'll pass it on to our lovely Property team! about 56 minutes ago
  • @Livooooo @SophieGriesbach Planned, but still funny ;) about an hour ago
  • @KalpnaPK That's the spirit! about an hour ago
  • @spare_brain What a fabulous sushi cake! We wish someone could make that for our birthday! about an hour ago
  • @MarcusWeedon @CatererNews Why thank you! We're chuffed! about an hour ago
  • @harj299 Nothing like a YO! Pancake to wake you up! Which one did you munch on? about an hour ago
  • @B_Chivers Hey Ben where did you send your email to? We'll chase it up for you now! about an hour ago
  • @ShamaJunejo @SOAS Happy to hear you had a good time at our belt! It's the bes place to make new friends we think :) about an hour ago
  • @http_brandon Hey Brandon - Beef (£4.30), Duck (£4.30), Salmon (£3.90) and Mushroom (£3.40) :) about an hour ago
  • @BritishQuinoa @IanRASmillie Ooooh.. now tell us more! about an hour ago
  • @abbeyaddamsUK Sorry to hear this, it was one of our favourites too. But the nation spoke and choose these flavours... maybe it'll return? about an hour ago

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