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New Menu

by Team YO! Sushi in News on 26/11/2013 at 13:15

Pop in for a taste of Japan from our new menu filled with street food and Japanese regional inspired dishes – available now!
Celebrating authentic Japanese cuisine, we have 30 hot dishes, 37 sushi dishes and 6 salads to choose from including our moreish Chicken Kara Age, our delicate citrusy Salmon and Yuzu Salsa Sashimi and our healthy Duck & Hoisin Salad.
With over 200 possible combinations, you can also make your own Hand Roll by choosing one filling from each of our three sections.
Don't forget to also try our 7 desserts including our hot Banana & Chocolate Harumaki.
Our 12 new dishes are:
Chicken Kara Age: Deep fried chicken marinated in sake & soy, ginger, garlic. 320 kcal.
Tuna Tataki & Ponzu: Pepper seared Yellowfin tuna, chilli daikon, crispy shallots, ponzu. 72 kcal.
Goma Salad (V): Salad leaves, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, crispy shallots, sesame sauce. 60 kcal.
Inari & Chive Futomaki (V): Sweet soy bean curd, chives. 135 kcal.
Beef Tsukune: Skewered beef, cucumber & spring onion sausages, teriyaki sauce. 288 kcal.
Salmon Harumaki: Salmon and nori spring roll, Misotchup. 262 kcal.
Chicken Yakitori: Grilled chicken thigh on skewers, sweet & sticky soy sauce. 226 kcal.
Salmon & Yuzu Salsa Sashimi: Salmon, cucumber and cherry tomato salsa, ponzu (5 slices).102 kcal.
Popcorn Shrimp Tempura: Shrimps glazed with creamy miso sauce. 342 kcal.
Duck & Hoisin Salad: Hoisin marinated duck, salad leaves, cucumber, spring onion, white sesame. 86 kcal.
Banana & Chocolate Harumaki (V): Hot banana and chocolate spring roll, raspberry sauce. 209 kcal.
Chocolate Dorayaki (V): Japanese pancake, chocolate ganache filling, raspberry sauce. 315 kcal.
Our new menu is available in all of our restaurants.
Click here to download the full menu for: Aberdeen Bon Accord, Aberdeen Union Square, Bath Milsom Place, Bayswater, Bluewater, Bond Street, Brent Cross, Brighton, Bristol Cabot Circus, Bristol Cribbs Causeway, Cambridge, Camden, Cardiff St. Davids, Cheltenham, Chester, County Hall, Croydon HOF, Eden High Wycombe, Exeter, Fenwick Newcastle, Finchley Road, Fulham Broadway, Glasgow HOF, Glasgow Silverburn, Guildford, Kingston, Lakeside, Leeds Harvey Nichols, Leeds Trinity, Leicester Highcross, Leicester Square, Liverpool ONE, London Waterloo, Manchester Arndale, Manchester Piccadilly, Meadowhall Sheffield, MetroCentre Gateshead, Milton Keynes, Norwich, Nottingham, Oxford, Piccadilly Circus, Plymouth, Portsmouth Gunwharf Quays, Reading HOF, Russell Square, Soho, Southampton WestQuay, St Pancras Station, St Paul's, Victoria Station, Westfield Stratford, Whiteley Shopping, Windsor and York. 
Click here to download the full menu for: Selfridges London, Selfridges Birmingham, Selfridges Manchester Trafford, Harvey Nichols London, Harvey Nichols Edinburgh, Westfield White City and Southbank Centre Festival Hall.
Click here for the Airport Menu (valid at Heathrow T3, Gatwick, Standsted and Edinburgh Airport).
We have also got a brand new Takeaway menu which is available to download here
Pop in soon to enjoy a taste of Japan! You can view the new dishes here in our album here


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