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Set Priced Menu

by Team YO! Sushi in Inside YO! on 01/11/2011 at 11:23

As you may know we have launched some great Set Priced Menus for you all to enjoy, no matter if you are a First Timer or need a little Fill Me Up we have something for everyone.


The main four Set Priced Menus you can enjoy are:


First Timer - £9

Cucumber Maki (V)

California Roll

Chicken Teriyaki

Kaiso Salad (V)

Healthy Choice - £11

Edamame (V)

Salmon Nigiri

Pumpkin Korroke (V)

Coriander Tuna Sashimi 

Best Seller - £12

Salmon Sashimi

YO! Roll

Edamame (V)

Chicken Katsu Curry (N)

Fill Me Up - £12.50

Duck Gyoza & Moromi Miso

Chicken Katsu Curry (N)

Vegetable Yakisob (V)

Salmon and Avocado Handroll


To see more inforamtion on these click here.


Why not pop into a YO! Sushi near you to try one of these...we have to say they are very yummy!

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