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Be a Blue Mondays winner!

by Team YO! Sushi in News on 16/05/2013

Tweet #yobluemondays or email competitions@yosushi.com with your Blue Mondays pic to win!

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  • @telerijj Hi Teleri, sorry about this! Please email twitter@yosushi.com and we'll investigate! about 56 minutes ago
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  • @MaxtheSumo Max, we were born ready. about 5 hours ago
  • @Hannah92Rose You are a super hero Rose.. welldone! about 7 hours ago
  • @nathaliamelofit Don't worry Nathalia, it's completely guilt free ;) about 7 hours ago
  • @HarmandeepT It's not our best-selling hot dish for nothing you know... #yum about 7 hours ago
  • @PristineChap <--- Someone help a man out, he needs some sushi and fast! about 7 hours ago
  • @geejanemoss What are you waiting for? Our belt is ready for you. about 7 hours ago
  • @vixxi89 No worries, glad you hear you had a good time! about 7 hours ago
  • @claire_brks Praise the Food Gods! about 7 hours ago
  • @nicholas_tori @TarylT We're not even sorry... ;) about 7 hours ago
  • @SimonNader Well looks like we'll be seeing you at our belt pretty often then! about 7 hours ago
  • @lol_itssophie Soph - we do LOTS more than just sushi. Tempt him with our menu: http://t.co/8ZOsTmgeuP :) about 7 hours ago
  • @DoctorWhoFan79 What a great day Terrance! Happy Birthday :) about 7 hours ago
  • @HelloImCameron @hattiebeckett Today is the day - let it be filled with lots of yummy sushi! about 7 hours ago
  • @andyb144 @ShitChester @Kaitlin_Moran We have a fondness for you Andy! about 7 hours ago
  • @AnnabelAllum We're glad you enjoyed it :) about 7 hours ago
  • @112Bex Yes we are :) Go check us out in the shopping centre! about 7 hours ago

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