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The world's first flying waiter

by Team YO! Sushi in News on 12/06/2013

YO! Sushi launches the 'iTray'

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  • @wtgold Hi, do you mind DMing your name, so we can look into the last incident for you? about 13 hours ago
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  • @ljlaurajane Possibly.... ;) about 13 hours ago
  • @jlouisecrawley Pretty much, there are few without fryers (airports mainly) that don't. about 13 hours ago
  • @liz_loves_cake We're sorry about that! Can you drop us a note http://t.co/vWHD3kn7l2 and we will investigate. about 13 hours ago
  • @catrawr OMG. This is amazing! about 13 hours ago
  • @jlouisecrawley Hi, We do! It's Pumpkin Katsu Curry. about 13 hours ago
  • @wtgold Hi, we're sorry to see this. Can you drop us a note here http://t.co/PS6vCLwXvg and we will look into it for you. about 13 hours ago
  • @BettyShmem It's a #JapplePie, out YOLO dish for July and August. about 13 hours ago
  • @georgia24 Hi Georgia, it depends what it was about, did you send us one? about 15 hours ago
  • @BluebellVelvet @Ladybird001 hi, it's a new YOLO dish so isn't part of blue Monday's, but it is awesome! about 15 hours ago
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  • @maddogmcardle it's not quite supposed to look like that, we promise we didn't photoshop our original shot, apart from a little lightening. about 16 hours ago
  • @jasonbentley69 @Petrolhead_Rich chicken Katsu curry is great for first timers. about 16 hours ago
  • @jasonbentley69 @Petrolhead_Rich that's ok because we do chicken. about 16 hours ago
  • @VicTWEEToria we say they're the best. about 16 hours ago
  • @maddogmcardle hi, what store are you in? about 16 hours ago
  • @Laurenfionaa never too soon. X about 16 hours ago

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