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Thank YO!

by Team YO! Sushi in News on 23/11/2012 at 14:08

Thank YO!

For voting us Consumer Choice restaurant of the year at this year's restaurant industry awards (Peach Factory Awards).

You are amazing and we promise to keep improving things to keep YO! Sushi your favourite restaurant for many years to come.

As a way of saying thank you properly why not pop in any day next week (26th November - 2nd December) for a FREE MISO SOUP? 

No catch, no voucher, just a delicious bowl of soup to warm you up.

All you have to do is pop into your local YO! Sushi and say 'ThankYO!'

(We'd have offered free Miso Soup from today but there are a few sore heads after last night's celebrations).

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