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Twitter Q&A with Executive Chef, Mike Lewis

by Team YO! Sushi in Inside YO! on 02/11/2012 at 10:33

Want to know more about the inspiration behind our new Ramen dishes? Maybe you’re hoping for insider information on a recipe or where to find the best ingredients? Or do you have a burning question about one of our other 90 dishes on the menu? 

Well, now you have an exclusive chance to ask our Executive Chef, Mike Lewis yourself on Friday 9th November from 1-2pm, as he’ll be taking over the @yosushi feed and doing a live Twitter Q & A session.

Mike has worked at YO! Sushi for over 10 years, and has seen the brand grow from 12 restaurants to a staggering 76 worldwide! Mike creates all of our dishes; taking inspiration from his regular trips to Japan (you may have seen some of his adventures on our Facebook page). He is also in charge of chef training, sourcing our suppliers and kitchen design – for all of our uniquely designed restaurants. 

Our Twitter Q & A session is your chance to ask Mike a question about food at YO! Sushi - in particular our new Ramen Winter Menu.

Mike will be taking over our feed from 1-2pm on Friday 9th November, and will answer as many questions as he can during this time.

The session will use the hashtag #askyo, and Mike will retweet the question before he tweets his answer so everyone can follow the Q & A.

If you’re not on Twitter, click here to sign up.

And if you are, just follow us: @yosushi

See you there on Friday 9th November 1-2pm! Tweet tweet.

UPDATE: To see how the Twitter Q&A went down, click here.

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