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YO! Sushi High St Kensington

by Team YO! Sushi in News on 06/05/2014 at 16:31

Located on High Street Kensington (on the corner of Phillimore Gardens), we’re only 4 mins walk away from High Street Kensington Tube station, and a short walk from Hyde Park and Holland Park. Our latest YO! Sushi, is in the perfect location for a post-shopping lunch and dinner! Dine in with us or pick up or order takeaway, and for this restaurant, ‘we even deliver!’. Click here to view our full takeaway menu or here how to see how to order delivery.

Fancy something a bit special?

We’ve added 3 more delicious £6 Specials:

•White Fish, Oba & Ponzu Tempura - Tilapia and oba leaf deep fried in a light crisp batter with ponzu sauce (served hot).

•Lobster & Avocado Roll - Cooked lobster, avocado and chive ISO wrapped in pink soy with yuzu mayonnaise and caviar.

•Salmon Tempura - Premium salmon sashimi, wasabi masago and chives wrapped in nori, deep fried in a light crisp batter (served hot).

We have an exclusive Okonomiyaki menu with 5 delicious and authentic styles of the traditional Japanese cabbage-based pancake - perfect to share and only £8 each! Choose from:

•Noodle - Fried yakisoba noodles, okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise, spring onion, aonori & fried garlic.

•Seafood - Cold water prawn, squid, salmon, okonomiyaki sauce, mayonaise, aonori & bonito flakes.

•Edamame (V) - Cabbage with edamame, okinomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise, aonori and lots of spring onion

•Pork Belly - Crispy pork belly, okinomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise, spring onion & aonori.

•Kimchi - Seoul (Korea) style with fresh kimchi picked cabbage, fried egg, spicy srircha sauce, mayonnaise, spring onion & shredded nori.

Click here to view our £6 Specials and £8 Okinomiyaki menu!

We have added 4 new, exclusive wines to our drinks list, including a beautiful Picpoul de Pinet - perfect for sushi! Click here to see this season’s recommended wines. 

This restaurant is also on our Blue Monday’s menu – 50 of our favourite dishes for only £2.50 each – check out the menu here.

Like us on Facebook & follow us on Twitter and Instagram top keep an eye on our announcement on Tuesday 13th for your chance to win a free meal!

We look forward to welcoming you to our newest restaurant! 

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