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New to Edinburgh!

by Team YO! Sushi in News on 01/12/2014

The Taste of Tokyo is landing in Princes St, Edinburgh!

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New Specials

by Team YO! Sushi in News on 08/07/2014

Spoil yourself with our three NEW yellow plates!

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New London Openings

by YO Sushi in News on 24/06/2014

Check out our latest openings!

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  • @BraeheadClan are playing this weekend - we'll smash Vaxajo Laker! Are you going to be there? Grab a Katsu Curry to get you game ready! about 11 hours ago
  • @albanypark2015 no such thing. X about 13 hours ago
  • @busolaevans we never say never. 😉 about 13 hours ago
  • @jaydrive2000 happy birthday!!! about 13 hours ago
  • @orry_gibbens23 hi we're sorry to hear this. Can you drop us a note at http://t.co/QYeaos7jk2 and we will look into it for you about 13 hours ago
  • @Amizzled yes it does 😊 about 13 hours ago
  • Love that this came up on our time hop today 🚗🚗 #bringbackthe90s http://t.co/0rRDStjH5O about a day ago
  • @Joe_Reid1 @anna_merchantx they are so amazing. 😍 about a day ago
  • @jimhannah00 @nicolajoiner we have a fries special from 1st sept 😉 about a day ago
  • @Tohhh hey, it's off all food 😊 about a day ago
  • @nicole_keep Ashford Kent, or Middlesex? about a day ago
  • @chr1s_k3lly @joeabbott5 have a great time! about a day ago
  • @andrewjmp87 No plans for it - but we do have our amazing £20 for 10 plates Sunday Munch :) about 2 days ago
  • @nicole_keep Sooooo dreamy! Did you know we also do it SUMO Size now? for only £8! http://t.co/4KJWn2tqd7 about 2 days ago
  • @ACMenes @commiemjp YES! You've found @YOSushiUSA! about 2 days ago
  • @ToriaPardoe We have a restaurant in both Heathrow T3 and T2 ;) about 2 days ago
  • @Quirkative Outrageous. Dump him immediately! about 2 days ago
  • @nostairway305 We don't accept these vouchers, sorry! But feel free to come in for any other offer! about 2 days ago
  • @lucyjmckenzie So will we if we don't see you :( about 2 days ago
  • @Hotak_v1 Oh no, sorry about this. We'll have a word! about 2 days ago

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