did you know?

  • You can hire the famous YO! Sushi belt for your party or why not book the whole YO! restaurant?

Which type are you?

Hey good looking, do you come here often?

  • YO! Virgin
  • YO! One Night Stand
  • YO! Flirty
  • YO! Lover
  • Ok, so maybe it's your first time - you've seen us from a far and bitten your bottom lip in hesitation but just too nervous to approach us. Well, why not take the plunge, promise we won't bite!
  • You might be someone who just fancies playing the field but we loved our first date with you, so let us know what we can do to keep bringing you breakfast in bed?
  • If you're fluttering your eye lashes and playing footsies with us under the table, don't stop - we enjoy your teasing but secretly know you do this with everyone.
  • Or maybe you're just hopelessly devoted to us? If so, the feeling's mutual. Our heart skips a beat when we see you and we develop a warm fuzzy glow as you get our pulses racing - forgive us if we faint the next time you pop in.

Mwah Mwah, how deep is YO! Love?