Do You Katsu?

Fancy something hot this winter...

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We do!



We want to make sure you keep out of the cold this winter by offering you a brand new yummy winter specials, which includes dishes starting from just £2.90.



From Jan 30th 2012 you can enjoy five delicious hot Katsu dishes including:

  • Tofu Katsu - £2.90
  • Tilapia Katsu - £3.40
  • Beef & Ginger Katsu - £3.90
  • Softshell Crab Katsu - £5.00

and not forgetting our famous Chicken Katsu Curry - £3.90!


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Did you know  that in everyday use, Katsu is a verb meaning to 'win' or 'to be victorious' so don't be a loser this winter, come to YO! Sushi and heat up your tastebuds.



Available at all UK YO! Sushi's except for Edinburgh Airport , Standsted Airport and Heathrow T3.

Do You Katsu?