YO! Bento boxes from £6

All you need in a YO! Bento box for the perfect lunch or dinner!

Grab a fantastic YO! Bento, available to pick up from a YO! Takeaway fridge at all UK restaurants for the ultimate lunch!


At unbelievable prices, you can enjoy one of the following individual YO! Bento boxes:

• £6 Fish Box (3 Nigiri: salmon, cooked prawn, tuna. 3 salmon maki, 3 salmon sashimi, Edamame, Fruit Salad)

• £6 Veggie Box (1 inari pocket, 1 kaiso gunkan, 1 tamago nigiri, 1 inari & chive Futomaki, 1 avocado maki, 1 cucumber maki, Edamame, Fruit Salad)

• £6 Meat Box (3 Beef Nigiri, 2 duck & mango rolls, 2 Spicy Chicken Katsu ISO, Edamame, Fruit Salad)

• £11.50 Sharing Platter (4 California rolls, 4 YO! Rolls, 4 Tuna Nigiri, 4 Salmon Nigiri, 4 cooked prawn Nigiri)




YO! Bento boxes from £6

terms and conditions

  1. YO! Bento is valid to pick up from a YO! takeaway fridge.
  2. Individual bento boxes are priced at £6 (choose from Fish Box, Meat Box or Veggie Box). The Sharing Platter is priced at £11.50 each.
  3. Offer not valid for dine-in.
  4. YO! Sushi's Manager's decision is final.

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